The Bronze of Antigua

Welcome to La Antigua, Guatemala. The charming city in which each fountain and wall can tell us a story. The Spanish colonial style allows us to appreciate small details in every part of the city: its colorful houses, churches, squares, parks and ruins and its traditions and folklore as well.

As you walk around in Antigua, you can notice details on wooden doors and gates that are made of bronze with the compound interaction of  romantic colonial style and stylish modernity: doorknockers, rossetes, labels ,etc. The churches also contribute to the timeless atmosphere with their bronze bells summoning to mass every Sunday morning.

The color of the moss- covered centennial stones whisper to us with nostalgia about the ancient city situated between volcanoes and gentle landscapes. Time is the perfect company for bronze, and the extreme conditions of climate and dust can also produce rich  shades of green, blue, brown, red and black. These shades called patina have been the  cause  that many lovers of this precious metal continue falling in love with the beauty of colors produced entirely by nature.

Through the centuries bronze has continued being the favorite material for monuments and memorials. The archeological discoveries indicate that the best artists of the old civilizations preferred to immortalize their works with this indestructible metal. Many techniques used today in the bronze foundry are from the old world and as old as the bronze casting itself.

Antigua is a city with charm and timeless beauty where you can see and buy an overwhelming variety of attractive, handmade products that honor the traditions of generations of artisans.

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