Something About Us

In the year 1980 Mr. Pablo Manuel Lopez de Leon decided to study the complex techniques of bronze casting. Later, with maturity and the necessary experience, he decided to dedicate his life to the art and started up his own bronze foundry where he could fully develop his creativity as an artist.

In the beginning, he implemented his technique by working with small pieces of bronze, with this he achieved his first clients. They highly recommended his work and became his first regular customers. Motivated by this, he involved himself more and more in the world of bronze; the world he will always love.

The burning heat of the crucible and the elegant beauty of the works made in the foundry have moved and inspired his younger brothers to follow in his footsteps.

With time they learned the extensive process of casting and the essential techniques of the work. Their passion for the art is visible in the special touch that is present in all the pieces of bronze created by them have.

Santiago de los Caballeros, today known as La Antigua, Guatemala and the very city where these artists were born, is also the place where they have found inspiration and peace to continue developing their creativity and art.

Antigua is the cradle of the first great Guatemalan poet and writer, Rafael Landivar.
Inspired by his life and paying honor to his memory, they decided to name the foundry  Bronces Landivar.

Today, 16 years after the foundation, we continue creating a variety of quality products with all our experience and responsibility.

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